Friday, January 30, 2015

Final Post

The Tree of PRIDE is taking a well earned break. It will not be deleted and you can still explore the past posts if you're looking for something. Thank you to all the readers, commenters and contributors over the last three years! You made this blog so worthwhile.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 Selfies

Here are the selfies Room 6 emailed to me. I have turned them into certificates and now into this slideshow / video. They have been an awesome class!

Selfies 2014 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Student Reflections on 2014

Report Reflection:
This year I have had an outstanding year.
The one thing I enjoyed most was The Production!!!
All of the seniors did a production and it was called 'Journey Through the Legends.' We had to work our way to our outstanding successes. It was a really challenging part of the year for me but it showed me how good it is to work together.
Something that I found challenging was getting up on the stage and saying my lines clear. I got there in the end though. I got to perform in front of a live audience. It was so cool.
I have really enjoyed this year and I can't wait for the next.

Maia Bassett

~Report Reflection~

Something I found challenging was optimist yachting because of the boom. It would really hurt if it hurt me!       

I enjoyed going to the planetarium because it was really awesome seeing stars at day time!

When we went on the waka I learnt about the maori stories about the waka.

What I am proud of is my cross country place I came.

In the production I think that the whales of the legend of the seven whales acted and danced really good. I loved being a whale
Julius Cassidy

I have really enjoyed production because it was so fun and exciting. I am so happy I got a awesome part. I am proud of myself for optimist yachting. I went out more confidently this year but I was still scared. When I went out with Tracey, I felt more confident. She was a great teacher.The Waka ride was challenging because we all had to go in time and when you get tired you can't stop. I have enjoyed moving into the the hall with room 10 because it's very different, there's two teachers and double the learning and they are both really fun. The young leader mud I found hard and challenging because you had to push your boundaries and at some points in time it was very hard. Something I was proud of and found challenging was the Riverdale sports exchange, because the team we versed in netball was a strong team, but it was also very fun.
Matilda Ellis!!!

I enjoyed the Riverdale sports exchange even though we lost 11-2. We were undefeated all season in hockey except for Riverdale.
Doing the Young Leader Mud run back in term 2 was fun, I especially enjoyed the face paint. Moving into the hall with room 10, because of the all the other digital learning that has started. I’m now quite confident with yachting.I feel much more confident in talking in front of other people after the production.

I loved being in room 6 because everyone is nice and especially the teacher. The thing I found challenging was optimist yachting. It was challenging because I had never been on a yacht before and I had also never steered one. Moving into the hall was fun because now there are two teachers. It’s good because you learn something from both of them. I have learned a lot this year and I am proud of all of my work.
Kyra Byers.

                        Report reflection
Production was most challenging for me because I had stage fright and then I got over it then I performed six nights in a row and it was awesome.
When we did optimist yachting, I was so scared because I have never been yachting, but my group helped get over my fear because it was so fun.
I really enjoyed Masterchef because I love cooking and my group included all of our ideas.
Calendar art was so so fun because Ezra’s mum came in a gave us a some tips.
                                                By Kelly-Anne
I loved doing Optimist Yachting because I got to be with my best friends. Yachting was so scary. I did not want to be drifted out to sea. I liked that we moved to the hall. I have two teachers. So I can learn more maths and I like that we do this thing called blog log. We put all the work we do on it.        By Briar

What I loved about production was I loved staying up late and performing to other people. Because it was so much fun. My friends help me to keep clam and perform well.  
Cultural Achiever Badge
The other thing I liked this year was getting my cultural achiever badge that was so awesome.
I loved netball because I loved waking up to see my friends and play a very good game of netball. The bib I like playing is GK.
By Rosie Rose        

Report reflection

The coolest think that I loved was going optimist Yachting and kayaking for the week it was so FUN. I also liked rock climbing, that was pretty cool. I think the most challenging trip was properly the waka trip. It  was pretty hard because your arms were so tired and when you turned around it hurt even more. I think best bit of homework was our Genius hour that was cool because we go to do anything that we want. I did motocross. Our production was so awesome, everybody loved it. Thanks Mr M for giving us cool homework and awesome trips.  
                                                  by Liam   

2014 is been an amazing year for me. I enjoyed going to optimist yachting because I like going out by my self on the yacht. The thing I like about kayaking is on the last day we were aloud to capsize the kayaks. I am really confident about going on a yacht and the a kayak. I find challenging the young leader reading because I get really nervous when I am reading to them. I like being a house leader because I feel like I am the big boss. And I like being the boss. In the production I was on of the main part and I got really nervous before I went on stage but I really enjoyed performing in front of an audience. I have really enjoyed working with our buddy classes for market day. Our buddy classes and my class are making Fruity Tooty Dolphins.

This year has gone so fast but it has been great. I have learnt so many new things like when we went rock climbing, optimist yachting, Planetarium and a whole lot more that will take too long to explain. But my favorite thing this year was doing our Production, because at the start I had stage fright and now I don’’t. So that is why the Production was challenging for me. Also I love that there are now two teachers, so we are always learning something new every day of the week from a different teacher.
Crystal King

Highlights from the year
In the year I enjoyed Rugby 7 aside because my team was great and I love to play tackle. I also enjoyed it because we won all our games.  Getting a great, fun and sporty teacher was a double score.  Another great highlight from the year is playing netball dodgeball because it is a great great game and is great for fitness. I really liked barefoot tens, it was a real standout for me cause I love tackle and I am a lot faster in barefeet and I won a new rugby ball. Also, I really enjoyed hockey because I got to learn new skills.     

This year has been great!
I enjoyed production because I had to do two part on one of the nights it was fun. I am so proud of doing Ben’s part in the production on one of the nights. I am loving learning about market day.
I learnt about so many things this year - there is so much.
What I found hard was rock climbing.
By Zach

I think Optimist yachting was one of my favorites. It was cool learning about them because they go really fast and it was hard to control them without capsizing and if we did capsize we try to get back in. Rock climbing was awesome because we had to try to hold on to the rocks sticking out for us to grab and pull yourself up. The one when it goes black and we can’t see we have to trust our luck that so fun. The Waka was cool because we had to listen to the instructor yelling when we had to put our paddle down and up. The cool part was when we got bumped by the boat into the parking bay.

I liked yachting the most it was fun till I got smashed by the boom on the thursday and did not go kayaking. I was hit in the head big time.
In the production I was a swordfish. We learnt our part for 6 weeks we did 6 shows and it was all fun.
by Jacob

I went to Riverdale because I was good at soccer. Riverdale was really fun. There was only ten soccer players that went to Riverdale. I liked moving into the hall with room 10 because you learn more with two teachers. There is a bigger learning environment in our class than in just one class.Yachting was so much fun. I nearly capsized the yacht but it was awesome.Then I went kayaking, that was so much fun. On the last day we all got to jump out of the kayak. I jumped out about ten times.
By Jack Wilkinson        

Reflection of the year
Hey, my name is Mary Arkell and it is my last year at Parkvale School. This year has gone really fast, I have learnt a lot this year about digital devices. It has been an honour to have such a good teacher for the year to teach you so much stuff that you can learn. This thing that just happened was that we moved into the hall but it just wasn't by ourselves, it was with Room 10. I loved most of our trips like the waka, planetarium trip and rock climbing. The one thing I loved the most was the production. The last night was the most scary night because it was in front of the biggest crowd.
     Mary Arkell

What I found challenging was when we went kayaking and yachting. We nearly capsized four times. What I am proud of is that I always get my work done, whether its on the first day or the last day. What I like about school is that I have five friends. Also, everyone I meet is nice to me. The best part about my teachers is that they help me a lot when I need it. Their names are Mr Moriarty and  Ms Roil. They are the nicest teachers on Earth.

My Favorite thing about this year is Optimist Yachting I have never been in a yacht but I have been in a kayak before. It was more fun being in a kayak. My friends helped me through my fear of the water.
I liked how we did the Production. I was one of the  main parts in our Production, I was Hikuni the baby whale. It was my favorite part in the play.
That was my report. Taylor Cooper.

Year Reflection

I enjoyed going into the hall to merge with room 10 and make one big class, I really enjoyed having two teachers and have two classes working together.
Something that challenged me was the Riverdale exchange because we had to play by their rules.I loved learning how to make a Maori Kite on Matariki day.
I was proud of being in the news anchor in PRIDE TV and being a Digi Leader and a sports pal.I really enjoyed acting in the Journey Through the Legends but I only got to go to one show.
By Cameron Potts

I have enjoyed having Mr M as a teacher!
In 2014 I have really enjoyed Optimist Yachting. It was a challenge for me although I had done it before. The biggest challenge for me was going out in a yacht by myself. As I went across the pond I all of a sudden felt a gust of wind. Blow my yacht over. When I turn towards the wind and it would throw my yacht sideways and ripping the mainsheet out of my hands and getting my finger caught in the main rope. It was fun learning how to stabilize the boat.
I also enjoyed doing pride TV being a news interviewer we now have 103 views on Youtube!
Ben Hibbs

I learnt how to ride a yacht and It was really fun to steer. Also it was fun to control the BOOM. The challenging thing was to get out of the yachts sail because me and James capsized. The thing I was proud of was learn to use a yacht. I've enjoyed going yachting and we all went kayaking too.
Brayden S

Reflection for terms 3 and 4
Something I was pleased with was my yachting because I broke my record of no capsizing. What I really enjoyed learning was how to write direct speech and punctuate it. Something I found hard was changing class because I wasn't used to a big classroom. Something that made me think was the production because I was the shopkeeper and I had to count the money. Something I want to get better at is building.
Jaidyn Russell
                 Reflection 2014 ( by Kayla)
Something I have enjoyed about this year was learning with two teachers because you can book a conference so you can explain your work to your teacher.
Something I learn’t was when I was in the production and learn’t to get over me stage fright.
Something I am proud of is that you get a lot of work and you can do whatever work you want and once you are done you work on the blog log.

I like to play rugby for the school because it is my favourite game. My coach was Mr Wright but Kane took over being our coach. I also enjoyed optimist yachting and kayaking because we had good winds and weather. I also enjoyed the production because it was fun. I enjoyed being in Miss Hill’s building group because I liked learning new things.  Some of the things I made were a wooden box, a bird house, a mirror and six coasters. I haven't enjoyed maths because I find it boring and hard. I have really liked being in Mr M’s class.

I have had a great year being in Mr Moriarty's class. I performed to the biggest crowd when I did the Production called the Journey Through The Legends. I thought that I did an awesome effort at my line and my dancing. The costume that I had to wear was excellent. Something I found that was hard was that we had to move classrooms for the last term. It was difficult to start with. We moved in with room 10 in the hall to be one big class. It is different to be with a different class every day.

My Reflection
The best part of this year is that I have Mr M because he is an awesome teacher and he knows the NBA and he does lot of PE and maths. If I did not have Mr M I would have to move school. Yachting  was hard because you had to use your arms, that got hard.The sports I have done are rugby, cricket and t ball. I enjoyed playing them all. My favourite was rugby. Mr Dickson was a good coach. I got stage fright because lots of people were looking at me in the Production. I enjoyed our awesome lines and our awesome costumes.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Walkie Talkie Advertising

Walkie Talkie Advertising from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Matilda has persuaded her audience!

I want to advertise my new walkie talkie toy before December so parents can buy them in time for Christmas.  I want to do it in the fairest, safest way.  You are my advertiser.  Can you help me decide if I should advertise on the internet or on TV?

WALT write a statement and back it up with evidence
(Success Criteria)
We must remember to:
  • Open with a statement about the issue you are addressing
  • State your position on the issue
  • Give at least three facts that are supported with evidence or examples
  • End with a summary- wrap up the main ideas you have been talking about.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fruity Tooty Dolphins Are Here!

Fruity Tuity Dolphins melt in your mouth
Mmmmmm banana, all of us
Come right down to room  3, 23, 6
 and get your Fruity Tuity Dolphin!

Fruity Tooty Dolphins,
Everything is cool when you have a taste.
Fruity Tooty Dolphins,
You're diving in a dream.
A dolphin dive, a fruity surprise

Have a fruit some day!

Jingle by Maia and Rosie

Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Fruity Tooty Advertising!

Here are two more advertisements for our wonderful product, Fruity Tooty Dolphins. Dive in! Market Day is coming tomorrow!

FTD Advert 4 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

FTD Advert 5 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Dolphin Dive, A Fruity Surprise!

FTD Express

Here are two new funky Fruity Tooty Dolphin advertisements. The excitement is building. We can't wait for Market Day!

FTD Advert 2 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

FTD Advert 3 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fruity Tooty Dolphins Advertising

A Dolphin Dive, A Fruity Surprise!
We have been working with our buddy classes Room 3 and 23 for Market Day. Our healthy product, Fruity Tooty Dolphins is going to be so popular. I have been taking a group who've been working on creating jingles and video advertisements. The way the older students have been working with the younger students has been fantastic. Below you can watch our quick first advert directed by Matilda and a short movie showing different parts of our awesome creativeness!

Fruity Tooty Dolphins: A Dolphin Dive, A Fruity Surprise!

FTD Advert 1 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Fruity Tooty Dolphins Advertising Part 1 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Logo for Fruity Dolphins

Here is our Market Day logo. The font was created by Nasa-Jaye. The picture was created by Ben.

Coloured by Matilda, Brody and Lily

Coloured by Maia, Kyra, Addy and Lexus