Monday, June 16, 2014

Holt Planetarium Visit

Replica model of the space shuttle!
Today Room 5 and Room 6 went to the Holt Planetarium in Napier. We got to view the night sky in extreme detail, guided by the amazing Mr Sparks. My favourite things under the dome were learning more about the significance of the Southern Cross and seeing exactly where all the planets and constellations are in the sky at the moment. The night sky is like a calendar.

I also loved the chance just to lean back and gaze at the night sky and get pointed out super cool stuff! Earlier, we watched an amazing video of NASA astronauts in space. It showed us some very amusing effects of being zero gravity.

I would strongly recommend a visit to the Hawke's Bay Holt Planetarium. Sunday evening is family night.


  1. I liked the room with all the stars in it

  2. Wow that was fun to learn about.
    Keep up the good post Mr M.

  3. Wow room 6!
    great work I loved the planetairum
    Keep it up!

  4. Great job room 6.

  5. I learnt allot about stars and were they were