Friday, March 28, 2014

Exploding Coke Bottle

Writing Purpose: To Entertain

WALT use our senses to describe

  • (see, hear, smell, feel, taste)
  • different sentence starters
  • some short sentences

Swoosh! I can feel the Coke going up my nose. Jaidyn Russell,

Brayden: Boom! I opened the coke lid, Squirt!, The coke shot right up my nostrils like someone shot a shotgun up my nostrils.

“Pop! Boom! Ouch!” as the coke shot up my nostrils. Tracey L

OH Coke. I ran to it, he undid the lid and the fizzy coke rocketed out of the bottle up into my nostril.

Ka pow! A gush of coke sprayed into my face! I peeped a look. Splash! Coke went into my eye. “Yeow!” I shouted leaping up, dancing around the room holding my eye!

George    Boom the bottle explodes! It looks like whiskers.

Rosie:  Boom! It felt like I had fizzy whiskers. Then it felt like I had fizzy boogers.
TRAYLAN  Pop! pop! oh no is going to pop!

Jacob BOOM!! The fizzing coke went right up John’s nose.

Crystal = BOOM!  Suddenly I can feel the fizzy spraying up my nose.

Shake! Shake! Shake! Pop! The coke lid flew away and the coke went straight up my nose and everywhere else it looked like cat whiskers. (TAYLOR)

It burst on my face like cat whiskers.
Mary Arkell
Class word bank

JAMES ¬ BOOM!! AGH! The coke fires up at me like a volcano.
Kellyanne: I could taste the fizzed coke in my mouth and I could smell the coke fizzing bubbles.
Boom! The coke give me a big mustache. Liam

Boom!!!! I could see a coke bottle on the table in front of me  then suddenly coke burst out like a firework. By Brooklyn

Kyra  I opened the lid and out it sprayed up my nostrils, and then came out like fireworks.
Maia: Not only would it be a coke rocket, it would be a rocket to space!

I smell coke burning through my nostrils at 102 kilometres an hour. Ben!

NASA: Come on I can do the IMPOSSIBLE.                              

Jared: It shot up like a rocket.

KAPOW! Suddenly coke exploded all over my face and the place.  BY JULIUS MONKEY

Cameron: I unscrewed the lid of the coke bottle. The coke shot out of the bottle.

Imagine if a coke bottle blew up in front of you. Boom! Fizz! (Zach)

As he opened the coke bottle suddenly POP! He went back as he got fright from the lid flying across the room. (Kayla)

I could pull it off still unknowing that it was going to go everywhere. Then it exploded in my face. Yum, but it still hurt.(Madison)


  1. I like it because of the photo.

  2. good sentance starters room 6

  3. mmm i love coke must of hurt bad

  4. I can not wait to read the story's!

  5. Cool sentences Room 6. How do You make the exploding coke bottle?

  6. Hi tree of pride
    Coke explosion! That would've been creepy!

  7. Hi Room 6, I like how you have similes in your writing great job.

  8. Wow! I like the sentences that you did because they where descriptive. That would of been scary!

  9. I think you described your sentences very well, You described how it felt and how it looked. - That looked like a lot of fun

  10. Hello Room 6, I like the descriptive's of the coke explosion,they make me want to have a go! How do you do it?

  11. Wow I like the describing words you have used and I would really like to do the experiment one day.

  12. WOW! Awesome idea why did you do this? It was unique. . I liked your awesome sentences.

  13. Wow that looks awesome to do but did it heart went the coke up your nose?

  14. Great work room 6.

  15. i reely like your storys

  16. Wow and Ewww. I would not like that up my nose.

  17. Hi Tree of Pride great creative thinking I would never of thought of that and I would NOT want it up my nose:)

  18. Hi Tree of Pride great coke explode. It was a great idea.
    bye Ben

  19. Hi tree of pride I think that looks like a firework and Whaia te iti kahurangi Reach for the stars