Home Links

Term Three

Week 4

This week's home links has been shared. You have a new Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe as well.

Week 3

We are enjoying quizzes using Kahoot! Your task is to create a Kahoot about your Commonwealth Games country. You could do this as a team if you use Google docs first.

We are getting closer to the Production. You need to know your lines off by heart. You also need to learn the line of the part that follows yours. Practise your loud voice! Thank you for the parents who have brought in resources.

Week 2

Here are this week's Home Links which have been shared as a document. You have also got the week 2 activities for the spelling tic tac toe. Have fun!

Week 1

This week's Home Links have been shared with you. Have a great start to term three and get in the routine of a little extra, every day! This term we also have Spelling tic tac toe. I hope you give this a go and enjoy the three ways you choose to learn your words.

Term Two

Week 8

  • Inquiry topic! You need to continue your note taking for your Stars Inquiry Group. Ask loads of new questions too!
  • Maths: Times table practice (and their corresponding division facts). If you make a new copy of the doc, change the numbers to suit your learning.
  • Reading: Write down what you read in your home links book. Include the author. You could also make a new copy of the homework doc, if you like.
  • Genius Hour: Share what you have got so far on your blog. Choose how you would like to present it. Check out these Genius Hour posts by Zach, Jack, Matilda, Ezra, Elijah, Liam, Cameron, Tracey and Jacob.
Jack's amazing house that he built for Genius Hour with his Dad!
Cam's informative tank video!

Week Six

Make a copy of this document. Change the numbers to suit your learning in the maths. Record your reading.

This week we are sharing our Genius Hour questions and presenting what we have found out so far. Here is a video to inspire your learning journey!

Week Five

We have begun Genius Hour. The first task for this is to ask effective questions about your topic choice (your passion). We still have half an hour of class time to help you work out ways to do this.

You still should read 20 minutes a night, write down what you read (title and author) and practice your number knowledge (basic facts). Here is a link to the document which has the maths and reading. It has also been shared to your Google Drive and you can make a copy.

Wonderful examples of park design were shared today. Great to see the students being creative and applying their maths skills. They are now being shared to their blogs. Please check in and make some comments.

 Here is Maia's presentation, created using Little Story Creator:

Here is Matilda's park, created using Minecraft.

Matilda's Minecraft Park from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Week Four

This week's home links is on this document
Remember parent / student / teacher interviews are on Wednesday and Thursday.

What will your park design look like?

Week Three

Your choice of:
  • Continuing your note taking about the stars
  • Writing prompts from the Happy Dogs video
  • When I was brave... From Mr Browne's December precept in Wonder: "Fortune favours the bold."

Week Two

Exploring and finding information. Check out these sites for our inquiry topic on the Explore Symbaloo

Explore these websites and their appropriate links. Take notes and summarise information on anything that interests you about the stars. You could use an app like Padlet to collect your notes.

Week One

Website review.
There are five sentence / punctuation games on the Writing Symbaloo.
Your task is to play the games, then create a review of your favourite game. It should include a rating, a picture (screenshot) and a link. Please also share what you learnt by playing the game.

Home Tips

How did this happen?
The five finger test is a sound guide for choosing a book that is suitable to read independently. This test will only work if it is completed with integrity.

A reminder that home learning shouldn't be stressful. Give the problems a go and move on. We can go over it in class together.


  1. My school has a five finger rule the same as yours its always handy to have five fingers

  2. Great work Matilda your park is better then BLING $ BLING park

  3. Wow Matilda that must of took for ages spicily on a I pad

  4. COOL! Was it hard to get the measurements on minecraft?

  5. Were is week fives homework? I can't see it! :(

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ezra.

      I shared the document with you. You can see it that way too and make a copy.

      The link is further down the page below the videos.I will move it to the top so it is easier to follow.