Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Matariki Workshops

Matariki from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Yesterday, Tōtara Hub enjoyed a day of Matariki workshops. A huge thank you to Yvette Hardaker and her amazing volunteers who made this day happen. Wow!

I was lucky enough to wander around the workshops and capture some of the learning action on video. The video above is part one, look out for part two soon!

Here is a Padlet which reflects Room 6's thoughts on what they learnt yesterday.


  1. that was a fun as time Mr M

  2. Great work Mr M. This looks so cool.
    the funny part is the start.

    sincerely Brayden

  3. WOW!!!! That looks cool I will watch part 2.

  4. I had a really great time at the Matariki workshops. It looks like everyone else did. The Rakau and myths and legends was my favourites and I loved learning about the Taiaha in myths and legends.

  5. Awesome Mr M
    I like your video that you made
    I enjoyed Matariki so much
    Well done
    Keep up the good

  6. Room 11 enjoyed watching your matariki workshop video. We can't wait for our turn!!!!!!!!

  7. Looks like a fantastic time in the matariki workshops!! Those kites are magnificent! I also love the kaumatuas proud of who you are...stand tall!!

  8. i enjoyed the Matariki workshops

  9. Well done Tōtara Hub keep up the hard work.

  10. Ka mau te wehi Totara! Looks like you had a fabulous time.

    1. Kia ora, Mrs Hardaker. All your hard work and clever thinking was much appreciated. We did have a fabulous time!