Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Catching Up With Our Buddies

We love this story!
On Friday, we finally caught up with our super amazing buddy class, Room 3. They read their stories to us, we helped them to make blog comments, and in some cases we even created blog posts together. Check out the posts on Tracey's, Taylor's, Julius's, Zach's and Ezra's blogs!

I tried to capture the fun learning with the app Explain Everything. My slideshow has videos on it but they didn't upload to camera roll or YouTube. It is still great to listen to and I have included screenshots of the slides that had videos on them below the video.

Taylor is a great buddy!

Zach and Mason got us all singing!


  1. Awesome That was such a cool buddy class day.
    I was so close to sharing my post of me and my buddy.
    Love the awesome photos. Because it shares a lot of what we all done.

  2. All of room 6 and all of room 3 love doing buddies class

  3. I love that buddy class room 3 i hope you had fun with us.

  4. I love the post Mr M and I love our buddy class to.

  5. That is nice to add are buddy class Mr M :)

  6. You are so nice to your buddies I bet they like you coming into their class and them coming into yours :)