Monday, December 10, 2012

Volleyball Champions!

The Parkvale Moriarty volleyball team won their final to come first in the Hastings Y5/6 competition. They won all their games this year through great teamwork which gave them an amazing number of bonus points. The final versus Mayfair was close, with Parkvale winning 265 - 255. Well done to Parris, Joshua, Stefan, Brody, Natasha and Amy!

Guest blogger Parris gives us this short report:

"Last Thursday Parkvale Moriarty competed in the finals for Volleyball they faced Mayfair. It was a really tough game and everyone used personal best. We were hoping to keep our undefeated title! When it was half time we drew and then we had to step up the game. The team was so nervous and Stefan was getting a bit fired up.
But then the hooter went we were very excited and then Mr. Severinson said 265 to Parkvale and 255 to Mayfair!"

The Champs!

Photos by Seth
Update: Check out Parris's Volleyball Interview video!


  1. Great job guys!
    you must rock at volley ball.
    That sounds like a close game.
    Great job Mr M.

  2. Awesome Pictures Seth!
    I couldn't describe the game any other way Parris! I love the post also. WELL DONE PARKVALE MORIARTY:)

  3. Great pictures Seth!
    I really like the way that you guys described the game!
    It sounded like fun!
    In the second picture Stefan is making a move on Josh's arm!

  4. Hey winners! That was fantastic...sooooo good to see half the team are from KEA house too! Hastings Year 5/6 volleyball champions is a fantastic title to achieve. Well done everybody.

  5. Awesome Blog post Mr.M!
    I really enjoyed Volleyball this term it was really fun, great photos Seth!
    Well Done Parkvale Moriarty!

    1. Awesome post, Parris!

      The worst thing about year six camp was not being able to go to the volleyball final and coach my team. At least I was able to pass on a little advice and lots of encouragement to the year sixes before they left Skate Zone.

      Thanks for being such an awesome team to coach! Volleyball is so much fun!

    2. I thank you Mr.M for being the best coach in the world we wouldn't of won with out you. Thank you:)

  6. Woohoo Parkvale Moriarty. That sure was Parkvale PRIDE in action.

  7. Greta work Parkvale Moriarty. I love playing volley ball. Sounds like your team users great Parkvale PRIDE. Well done:) I like the photo's too Seth.

  8. WOW Parkvale Moriarty!
    It looks like all your hard work paid
    off! It looks like you showed PRIDE in
    all your games! Well done Seth for the
    Keep up the FANTASTIC work Room 20