Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tremains Rippa Rugby Tournament

The Year 5/6 Rippa tournament was a huge success for Parkvale. We had six of the thirty-six teams in the competition! All the teams showed Parkvale PRIDE and played with enjoyment and determination. We even had an all Parkvale final between Parkvale D and Parkvale E. The Parkvale A team finished top of their pool. They won their quarter final against Irongate, before losing to Te Mata in the championship semi final. They easily won their 3rd and 4th playoff to finish 3rd overall. 

All the children who competed should feel proud of their day and have gone home with an awesome certificate for their efforts. A huge thanks to the coaches, Lehi Miller, Karl Morgan, Trish Little, Nicole Solomon and Yvette Hardaker, who all did a fantastic job. Also, wonderful to see so many parents coming down to support their child in a sport which is great for boys and girls!


  1. I can see Sam from my rugby team.

  2. It sure was tough.
    Well to all of those teams who went to the finals.
    Happy with u all and everyone had a great game and had fun.
    Maia :)

  3. I love the new post Mr M it is very cool and when we went to ripper rugby it was cool to.

  4. Wow!
    Great day for parkvale.
    Well done to everyone whoo made the finals!

  5. Why did you put a photo of me on Mr M. Cool photos great post.

  6. Great blog post mr m you should put more about Ripper rugby because is so good and interesting

  7. like at the ripper rugby it lookers interesting