Thursday, May 30, 2013

Countdown to Camp Kaitawa!

There are now five more days until we go to Camp Kaitawa. We are all getting pretty excited! Remember to be at school with all your gear by 8.30am on Tuesday.

Here are the camp groups with their logos. I think they did clever jobs. Which one do you like best?

On Thursday, the groups have a cooking day, where they prepare, cook and eat all their own meals. They also need to provide small samples for the judges of the Master Chef competition. Here are their ingredients for the day. Already each group has come up with a proposed menu. I wonder which group will win Master Chef.


  1. I just can't wait for camp Mr M!
    Everyone did amazing logos for their group.
    I wonder who will win in the master chef contest to.
    Awesome post.

  2. Camp is gonna be AWESOME!
    My group is the Titans!
    I can't wait for camp it's gonna be incredible!
    Great post, :-).

  3. There are some amazing logos,
    there might be a prize for best logo!

  4. I can't wait till camp!!!
    I love all the logos.
    I love how all the teams have been very creative with their logos.
    Well done:-)

  5. I can't wait for the Kaitawa Master Chief contest, everyone has a chance at winning!
    Great post Mr. M, this post just makes me even MORE exited for camp!