Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two Weeks Until Camp!

There are now two school weeks until we go to Camp Kaitawa!

The video below has important advice for heading into the outdoors. By following The Outdoor Safety Code, we can enjoy all our outdoor adventures safely. It's from the Adventure Smart website, which is especially for enjoying the New Zealand outdoors. I watched it on Room 17's blog. They go to camp the week before us. 


  1. Wow Mr M!
    I can't wait to go on camp!
    this video really tells you what to do when your on camp too!
    Awesome post and really well to explain to people how to be safe outdoors!

  2. What a great comment Hemani. I was going to say similar things. It's a very informative video and helps us to stay safe.

  3. Wow Mr M!

    You have done a great job!

  4. This is a awesome video.
    It has lots of very helpful information on it.
    What a great idea to put it on our blog.
    Well done:-)

  5. This is awesome Mr. M! It's actually quite hard to believe that camp is only 2 weeks away! It's came so fast.

  6. AWesome work Mr M that video really tells us alot about safety and what you need.

  7. Awesome Mr. M. A great video option as well.

  8. Cool Safety Code guys, you will need to plan your camp very well. Please visit our blog at: from Jamie at Lake Tekapo School