Sunday, May 5, 2013

Action Verbs Part 2

Here is a video I created about our work towards creating angry verbs with our buddy class, Room 5. The music in the video is by Jurassic 5. Notice that each verb has four versions. Which version you use depends on the tense (present, past and future) as well as how you have formed your sentence.

action verbs 13 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

On Monday, we will be working with our buddy class to finish presenting our angry verbs. They're looking pretty funky so far! Here are some photos from Mrs Hill showing us working together.


  1. Thanks for sharing this lesson Mr Moriarty. We are also working on Action verbs so I hope that you don't mind if we use your video in our lesson.
    It was great that you incorporated tense into the lesson also.
    Mrs Verona Gridley

    1. Thanks for the comment Mrs Gridley.

      Your class is most welcome to use the video. We would be honoured.

  2. Wow great editing that must of took a long time.

  3. That video is so awesome Mr.M.
    I love how all the videos and the pictures are right in the action.
    Working with Room 5 has been so fun!
    Well done:-)

  4. I like this post Mr.M ,
    I like how you added different affects to the photo's.
    Working with our buddy class is so fun.