Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rock Climbing at Karamu High

Today we got a chance to learn from Karamu High School P.E. students. After getting to know each other, we worked as teams going up and down their rock climbing wall. The year 12 students were awesome teachers and Room 16 were awesome students. We all learnt together. Luckily, we have two more lessons to go!

A big thank you Greg Ross and his wonderful students!

Joshua reaches the top in 23 seconds!

Here are the first student blog posts on the session. I like the variety of ways they have presented their writing and reflections!


  1. Your rock climbing looks very exciting. I love the way you have presented your work using Prezi. Its a great way to use a lot of visual effects in one presentation. I look forward to seeing what happens next week.

  2. Rock Climbing was awesome Mr.M.
    What a great Prezi!
    I can't wait to go again:-)

  3. That must of been an extraordinary experience. Why did you turn them from O's to C's

    1. Thanks, Phoenix.

      It is for extra safety. From opened to closed.

  4. Rock Climbing was great Mr M!
    I was pretty nervous at the start!
    Great post:-)