Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Action Verbs Part 3: Angry Verbs!

We worked with our Room 5 buddies to complete our Angry Verbs. Mrs H and I were so impressed with how all the students worked together. Our Angry Verbs look great! Check out the student blogs on the side (Branches) to see more. 

Visit Room 5's post to see theirs. "We are going to use the verbs on our birds in our writing. Using verbs in our writing helps to make a movie in the readers head."


  1. Wow Mr M!
    Everyone's Angry Birds look great.
    Great post:)

  2. Wow they look great Mr M we all have done a great job!

  3. Wow Room 16!
    All those angry birds look so awesome!
    Drawing those where so much fun!
    Well done:-)

  4. Your angry verbs look great and very artistic! You have given us awesome ideas for what we could do with our own buddy class. Our buddies are Year 2. How old are your buddies?

    Beau would like to know what the green verb is.

    1. Thanks!

      Our buddies are Year 2 as well. The green verb by Elijah is smash, smashing, smashed.