Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Number Power Lines

For a starter in maths today, we tried playing Number Power Lines. It is a fun game and Room 16 enjoyed competing against each other. The idea is to make each power line match a given total using all the numbers that you are given. Our main strategy was guess and check. However the best learning was to come later...

Look I am on Level 8, Mum!

Play Time

Crighton certainly got ahead of me when we were playing the online game, as he raced through the levels. Then Henry worked out how to get on to Phase 2, using the password that you earn in Phase 1.


Following the game, the students had a go at designing their own algebra power line. For the first challenge, the students had to have three connected power lines that added to 16. You were not allowed to use a number more than once. Here is a collaborative Google drawing of some successful creations.

Look how different each pattern is to each other. Do all the lines add to 16?

The next challenge was to create four connected power lines that all add to 24. Again, not using any number more than once. Do the lines below all add to 24?

One of these patterns is not quite like the others.

What phase or level can you get up to in Algebra Power Line? Can you create your own Algebra Power Line pattern for others to work out?


  1. I loved having a go at this game tonight! Well done on creating your own power lines too room 16. Great job loved the playing and creating with the power lines.

    1. I love playing the game too, Mrs Potts! Cameron did very well.

  2. Great job, everyone!
    All those power-lines (Including mine) were great!
    I really liked the idea of a collaborative google drawing!
    Great job!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  3. This maths looks amazing Mr M, did you do one on the drawings?
    The game we played was fun but tricky.
    Well done :-)