Sunday, July 22, 2012

Buddy Hot Seat

Check out Episode 2 of our Character Hot Seat series!
Buddy Hot Seat from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Here is the transcript that the Droids reading group created on Google docs:

Josh: Brody

Chantal: Casey

Presenter: Felicity

Presenter: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the one and only Character Hot seat. Tonight we have Chantal and Josh from the fabulous novel Buddy.
Chantal’s Q’s
Felicity:  Hi Chantal my name is Felicity, my question for you (Chantal) is what made you adore Splash the cute little kitten?

ANSWER: Well she is full of mischief and excitement and she is very cute.

Katherine: Hi Chantal my name is Katherine and I have a question for you. Why does your dad not let you have pets?

ANSWER: Because since we move around every now and then it is too hard to take a pet on the move.

Brody:  My question for you today Chantal is were you hooked to Josh when you first met or did you need to get to know him?

ANSWER: I got to know him.     

Sami: Hi Chantal I’m Sami My question for you is Why did you like music so much?

Answer: Because it is exciting to learn different songs and things.

Natasha: Hello Chantal, I'm Natasha and my question for you today is, did you ever like Shane?

Answer: No I did not because he did not think I could carry my own bag to the bike shed.   

Josh’s Questions

Flossie: Hi Josh I’m Felicity and my question for you ( Josh ) is how was it like running with Jake in the wheelchair?

ANSWER: It was exhilarating, I loved every bit of it.

Natasha: Hi Josh, I’m Natasha and my question for you today is how did you feel when Suzanne was talking to you about her life.

ANSWER: It was awkward.

Casey: Hi Josh, my question for you is did you like it when Chantal kissed you?

ANSWER: I don’t know, she kind of just did it.

Sami: Hi Josh, I’m Sami. My question for you is why did you want to keep Jake a secret?

Answer: Because he will get picked on, he was already a secret so I thought it should stay that way. Obviously until the triathlon came around.      

Kazzie : How did you feel when you were pushing Jake to the finish line at the triathlon and you were coming first, then Shane bet you?

Answer: I didn’t really mind because all I cared about was Buddy.   


  1. Wow this is really cool.
    I liked this Hot Seat and being the presenter was awesome.
    Mr.M you did a great job at making it into a movie maker.

    1. Thanks Felicity,

      I loved how you and the Droids worked as a team to accomplish the task.

    2. I agree! We (the Droids) did work well together. Brody was pretty funny as Josh and Lizard was great at being Chantal. WELL DONE TO US ALL!! :c)

    3. Thanx Mr.m. I think that we worked great as a team as well.
      Can't wait for the next character hot seat:)

  2. Awesome work Droids,
    You guys came up with some awesome questions. I love the video. Well done!!!:)

  3. Great Droids.
    You guys were very organised and ready for the show. You guys came up with some spectacular questions, and awesome Mr.m how you put the character hot seat on our blog.

  4. Wow,this is cool!
    It was really fun doing character hot seat. Mr.M you did a great job of making it into a movie. Well done everyone!

  5. Great work Droids you have done a excellent job.