Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony

We are really getting into our Olympics topic. It is just a pity that it is too wet to continue the Room 20 Olympics at the moment!

Here are some highlights from the opening ceremony, as written by the Room 20 Kiwi Kids News reporters!

The Queen jumped off the plane with James Bond.
But she came down safely, don't worry she's fine. Alexandra
Olympic games have started with a dazzling opening ceremony with amazing fireworks, the best in the world. What a way to start the Olympics with a bang. Amy
Last night the queen parachuted into the stadium and it was awesome. Bianca
When the display is over the Olympic rings float in the sky like clouds. Brody
Isn’t it spectacular? All the fireworks are booming all around us. Casey
Australia is a very determined country and tries their best at everything. Charlotte
The fireworks are dazzling. Courtney
The billion fans are yelling out we love you James Bond. Daniel
I personally think the highlight of ceremony were the neon lights on the boat. Eden
After a nice start of lovely families, it all turns into work, work and even more work. With all of the men hard at work and the ladies washing the clothes. Felicity
Wow! The crowd is going louder and louder, they are all looking up. My, oh my, that is a really big parachute coming down into the stadium. It is Queen Elizabeth, and coming down after her is, who is it? Oh it is James Bond. Hannah
Hi my name is Mr Burns and finally the Olympics has opened. Jacob
It's mayhem in the crowd with billions of people from all over world screaming, laughing, oohing and ahing. Jake
Here comes New Zealand. Nick Willis is holding the New Zealand flag, every one from NZ cheers. Joshua
The industrial revolution turning from green pastures to big chimneys and factories. Katherine
With the funny scenes, Mr Bean playing the keyboard, the Queen and James Bond parachuting out of a helicopter, yes a helicopter. Would you do that if you were the Queen? Katrina
Now the orchestra is playing. Who is that playing on the keyboard? It’s Mr Bean! Haha he just swapped hands to look at his watch! Now he is pulling a face at the piano player. Ooh, heaps of snot is running down his face! Now he is reaching for the tissues but he can’t without stop playing the keyboard. Then he sees an umbrella and grabs and uses it to play the piano. Kharn
There is so much excitement all the energy could light up the world. Lachlan
The cheering is getting higher and higher as I speak. What do you know? James Bond and the Queen have just arrived but not just from anywhere, it looks like they are parachuting down. It's incredible. Natasha
And now the moment you have been waiting for, let's give a huge round of applause for Great Britain! Parris
The lava rings are now entering the stadium. They start to go together and are forming the Olympic rings the start sparking, “What a sensation to watch this right on top of me!” I said to myself. Rhys
The show has been watched all over the world, as a Kiwi kids news reporter from NZ, I am blown away by the performances. Samuel
It took 150 hours to practice in the run up show. There was James Bond and the Queen, with James Bond jumping out of the Helicopter with a parachute and awesome explosions, dazzling fireworks coming out of the stadium and Mr Bean being a dag on the piano. Seth

Wow! We have molten lava being poured into a trail that finds its way to one of the Olympic rings representing the five continents Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa and America coming together in these games. We can now see the five rings floating in the arena slowly joining together. Stefan

The Queen takes the stand. “I declare that the Olympic games start. When the flame goes out the games shall be over.” The giant rings are now connecting together. Wow! The crowd goes wild as the sparks rain down from the rings. Tyler
What is this? It looks like a play an old time play. All the characters look so real and I heard that the characters clothes could not be washed until the opening ceremony is over. Zeb

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  1. Cool Mr.M!
    I like the reports.
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  2. Wow this is awesome.
    I really like the reports so far, they will get even better soon.

  3. Awesome Mr M and room 20. I love all the sentences in the post. They are all really well punctuated. Well Done Room 20! All od the stories will be getting better and better. :)

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    The Video is so cool I like every body's sentences.

  5. Awesome those reports sound really good so far. I can't wait untill the reports are on the blogs I think we will get lots of comments.

  6. WOW Mr M:)! This is a great post. I like how you used everybody's sentence that's a great idea I also like how you put a video of Mr Bean at the Olympic opening ceremony!

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    And great writing room 20.

  8. Great job Mr M this post is fantastic I love all the sentences they are amazing and the video of Mr Bean is so funny.

    From Casey:)

  9. he's really funny and I have been waiting to see Mr bean in the Opening ceremony of the Olympic games

  10. wow room 20! you guys really no how to start a Olympic Opening ceremony. you guys should do some more sentiments in 4 years the next Olympic.