Monday, July 16, 2012

Fabo Story 3

This email appeared in my inbox today, from Kathy White, the author of Buddy. I think we should give it a go! What do you think?

"Calling all teachers and children who are interested in creating a new interactive online story with a team of children's authors.

I'm sending this email on behalf of the FaBo team, who are limbering up for the next round of FaBo Story. FaBo Story 3 launched this morning at and we'd LOVE you to write with us. 

Go to to read the letter that kickstarts our children's story about the Titanic Games."

Letter Screenshot

"FABO STORY 3 begins with a letter posted on the blog on Monday 16 July - a letter that threatens to disrupt the biggest sporting event in world history - the TITANIC GAMES.
Who wrote the letter and to whom? Why would they make threats? It's your job to write a follow-on chapter. YOU decide what the story is about, who the characters are, and what happens to them next. Write the next chapter in the story (up to 1000 words) and send it to in the body of your email (not as an attachment) by 5pm on Friday 27 July. The winning chapter will appear on Monday 30 July at the same time as a chapter by one of the children's authors. From then on, every week is another episode in a big, dark writing adventure.

By the end, you will have used your imagination and sleuthing skills to figure out who the villain is and how to stop him or her from destroying the Titanic Games. Are you ready to compete? Let the Titanic Games begin!"
Sleuthing Screenshot
"There will be prizes, so start working on your medal count now.

As it's the beginning of the term and you're all busy, we're giving you a bit longer to write your first chapter and email it to us (deadline 27 July). From then on, the competition is a weekly event.

GOOD LUCK. : ) Start reading, and start writing."

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  1. Wow I reckon this sounds really cool and we should definitely have a go.
    When will we have a go?