Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creating a Storybird

Screenshot from Room 121

Near the end of the term one, we enjoyed reading and choosing a Storybird for our blogs. In term two, we are going to have a go at creating our own, using Storybird to present some writing.

Here are some great examples from Room 121, a fifth grade class in the USA. Have a read! Maybe some of you will get creating (if you have spare time left in your holidays). Go for it!

UPDATE: Quite a few students have created their Storybird, but we have to sort out our class account for embedding.
Here is the link to Joshua's Storybird, The Employee's Revenge.

The employees revenge. on Storybird by Joshua. UPDATE: More links from our class!
black knight's big adventurer on Storybird by Lachlan.
Moving house on Storybird by Katrina

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  1. hi josh, nice word choice and it was a wonderful story.why was the trumbit alain blow so hard?