Sunday, April 1, 2012

Can't Say Can't

Can't Say Can't on Storybird

Natasha shared a wonderful website with me: Storybird. You can create and read electronic picture books there. I have added it to our writing Symbaloo and our reading SymbalooI embedded the story above because I really liked it! It has a great message.


  1. Great web site Tash! Great video Mr M Can we go on it in class!

  2. That is a good story that little girl Jessie is kind of like me.

    1. You are connecting to the text, Amy (text to self).

      I relate to Jessie as well. Sometimes we stop ourselves from learning or achieving things. We need to just give things a go and keep on trying!

  3. I like this story. I think Jessie's dad is right because you can't say you can't do something because you can you just have to keep trying.