Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Steepest Railway In The World

The Three Sisters
Hey everybody, I couldn't resist one last travel post from my quick trip to Sydney. We drove out to the Blue Mountains and wow! It was beautiful.
Three Sisters and Solitary Mountain

Panorama shot from Scenic World

Quite a squash and a squeeze
Wentworth Falls from the Skyway

I took some photos with the panorama function (three separate shots joined together). We walked down stairways into a limestone cave. A musician was tapping a hollow steel drum and the vibrations made it sound like a guitar.

Later on we went down into that view, the Jamison Valley and to a place called Scenic World. Here, we had some fun going on the rides, experiencing a rainforest (in Australia!), seeing some mining history, an amazing waterfall and basically acting like big kids. Check it out:

Steepest Railway In The World from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.


  1. That is soooo cool! How steep was it and who was that guy next to you?

    1. Thanks Katherine.

      It has a 52 degree gradient. In other words, so steep you feel like you might fall out!

      The guy next to me is Luke. We have been friends since high school. He has a great laugh!

  2. Wow Mr Moriarty,
    I will love to do that one day it looks amazing.
    Was it a bit scary up that High?
    You would of had a amazing view up there.
    WOW so cool Mr Moriarty.
    When my family saves up heaps of money I might ask if we could go there.

    1. Thanks Hannah,

      It was a little scary, but that is what made it so much fun.

      The views there were extraordinary!