Monday, April 30, 2012

WALT: throw, catch & move without the ball

Corner Ball from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

We played corner ball at P.E. today. The skills we were developing were accurate, rapid passing and positioning to receive a pass.

We worked together as a team by passing and also by moving without the ball to be in a good place for a pass. When we were the defending team we had to use our dodging skills.

Some students also took turns to take some action shots on the iPods.

Update - Student Reflections:


  1. Amazing P.E post Mr M it was so fun it like netball doge-ball but it not it is way more fun. It go prates for my netball. Where did you get that game from?

    1. It is good practise for your netball, Amy.

      My daughter plays her first game of netball on Saturday. I am very excited!

      I got the game from a P.E. book Mrs Hill ordered for all the teachers last year. I changed it a bit because I didn't quite understand the instructions!

  2. Corner ball was a good game I hope we go out for another games

  3. That game was so fun I hope we can play it again!
    I think it was hard to move without the ball and trying not to get hit.