Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Second Gold Medal

Today we played balloon hockey in the hall with Room 19. It was fun!

Thanks Mrs Hardaker!

The second gold medal went to...
Jared from Swaziland, silver was Mary from India and bronze was Brayden from Tonga :)


  1. Well done Jared good luuck to beet Ghana!
    We don't have any medals so we are coming back.

  2. wow swaziland the 2nd gold wow will get the 3rd gold hint j

  3. Great JOb Jared. Nice playing. Its great that you won a gold for your country. Keep it up.

  4. Great job to all those winners
    Keep winning those medals

  5. Well done. It is great to see another medal to the country's. Well done all country's that stand proud on the podium. Tu meke Jared. Great to see you go for gold. Go Switzerland!