Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wonder Character Art

Here are four of our awesome Character Traits artworks based on the characters in the book, Wonder. We used lots of our reading comprehension strategies to summarise our chosen character. You can see more examples on our Wonder page! Artworks will continue to be added as students finish them in their iLearning time.

Via by Maddison
Auggie (August) by Taylor

Summer by Mary
Jack Will by Liam


  1. Great work Taylor, Mary, Jack and Maddison
    I like your background Jack.
    Keep up the great work all of you.

  2. I like all your art work keep it up

  3. I love these so much Room 6. I have been in watching the progress of these. So much thinking has gone on to create such thoughtful pieces of art. Can't wait to see more. Ps. Awesome book.

  4. i really like all you art work keep it up!

  5. Keep the big work up