Sunday, July 27, 2014

A 400km Journey...

Come check out the model...
For maths on Thursday, we investigated a problem for a 400km journey to Wellington. The journey actually is approximately 300km, but we took an extra 100km of detours.

The problem was to find out fractions of the journey on a number line. So how far had we traveled to reach 1/2 of the way there? Or 3/4 and so on. Many of us needed materials to help us to see it, so we got out the tens place value blocks. 40 x 10 = 400 km. Each cube on the ten block = 1km. So 20 blocks was half of 40 blocks and it represented 200km. Half of 400km is 200km. And so on. Jack took some photos of our model.
40 km is 1/10 of 400 km

50 km is 1/8 of 400km

Hi Taylor!
We have reached halfway!
1/5 of 400km = 80km, so 2/5 = 160km
300km, 3/4 there.

The real journey is 296km...