Thursday, November 14, 2013

Imaginary Cycling

We are learning about safe cycling. These pictures are not examples of safe cycling! Instead, we are using them to motivate some creative writing. Which one is your favourite? Why?

Sky Rider

My First Training Wheels

Your Turn First
Here are some entertaining sentences:

I get pushed on my way! “AHHHH you idiots!” I scream. Ben

I closed my eyes and found that my tummy was feeling a little sick. It felt as if the food and stuff inside it was floating amongst the gravity. Hemani

‘I want to ride my bike, mum,’ I said. ‘Well... ride off a cliff then,’ she replied. ‘Ok, I will then’. Zach

My tummy feels weird like its got butterflies flying around. Imaan

I waited to go to the toilet.4 minutes later. Hurry up! Hurry up!!! Come out. NOOOOO! Shivom

I hope I don’t fall down and get hurt. Emma

This is awesome! Nikitah J.

“Hey,” I say to Elijah, “Do you want to play? ‘I dare you’.” 5 minutes later... Tyrone

I knew I shouldn't of put the helium in my tyres. But there was 10 bucks on the line. Do you know how many cool things you can buy with 10 bucks? Not many, but still it’s 10 bucks. Elijah

Adrenalin rushing. I've just invented the new  MAGIC flying bike!!! Let’s GO! Zeb

“Ahhhhhhh!" I can't believe what I am going to do! Am I crazy? Nakita

I am getting there, I am trying my best to get there. Tracey

Wow this is amazing but there is one problem, how am I going to get down? Bree

I feel like I am going 100 miles per hour! Not. Hannah

I finally reach the top of the ramp, 1km above the ground, adrenaline was pumping, my heart couldn't stop beating. Inderpreet

So I take some deep breaths and say “hasta la vista, baby” as I push off. Marcus

It’s now or never! Cameron


  1. Wow That looks amazing and I like the pictures and words.

  2. Great post Mr. Moriarty. The second photo looks funny,, and last night when I looked at this post I couldn't stop laughing at Zach's. There are some great scentences and some really funny ones too. Keep up the great posts Mr. Moriarty.

  3. Fantastic Post Mr M! I loved Marcus sentance because he goes Hasta vista baby, That was a really good one Marcus!

  4. Amazing work Mr M!
    I like the captions you put in underneath the pictures,
    keep up the great posts! :)

  5. Hi room 16,
    I really like your ideas and sentences, especially Elijah's idea about having helium in your tyres. I prefer the first picture out of the three, the grass looks like it might cushion a fall if I toppled over. I really wouldn't want to be riding a bike in the other two pictures. I like the idea of gently floating through some soft, fluffy clouds though.
    Keep up the fab work!
    Miss Williams