Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How Much Science Can You Fit Into 6 Seconds?

Watch the video below. Which experiments would you like to try? Have you got any ideas to create your own six second science video? Have a try!



  1. Awesome post Mr M,
    I love the video and the idea to do
    it for our challenge tree. I am trying the bouncy egg.

  2. I am definitely trying one these experiments.
    And I hope it turns out well.
    Great post Mr M.
    I love all of them
    Well done:-D

  3. Wow Mr M!
    What a great post on the science experiment.
    This video really shows 6 second science experiments.
    My favorite one would be with the man rubs the balloon on is hair and once it put it close to the water it make the water magically move.
    I found that really interesting.
    The other one I found interesting would be the one when all the electric wires are connected to each 4 potato and make it light up.
    I hope for the people who will try one of the experiment in this video out get it to work.
    If it doesn't it is OK at least they had a go.
    You are really good science teacher Mr M!
    But most of all you are a really good Parkvale School teacher.
    Like you said the experiments don't take 6 second the video does once you create it.
    That is a really good point.
    Oh, I just watched the video again and thought of a another experiment that might be cool to try out.
    It is the one which is a bottle filled with green food coloring or dye and there are bubbles floating up.
    That will be a neat experiment to try out.
    Well done Mr M,
    The Tree Of Pride is flowing with amazing post:)