Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mathletics 2013

Here are our five finalists from Room 16 for Mathletics 2013.

We were learning to use geometric designs to create a poster. It involved a lot of accurate measuring and drawing.

Create a Symmetrical Mathletics Poster:

We will know we can do this when:
Used a ruler to accurately measure and draw all straight lines
Our design is symmetrical (balanced) from the centre or rotated
Any curved lines are drawn with a compass
There are no free drawn lines
Has Mathletics 2013 carefully drawn 
Black and white only- (sharpie)
All unneeded pencil lines are rubbed out. 

Joshua, Year 6
Tyrone, Year 5

Elijah, Year 5
Hannah, Year 6

Cameron, Year 5


  1. Awesome Mathletics.
    The designs look great.
    Well done on the people who won.
    You all did a great effort!
    Well done!!!

  2. Awesome mathletics everyone they are looking so cool. Well done to all of you who won. I liked Elijah the best.

  3. Wow awesome job.
    The one that I voted is for Hannahs because it looks amazing
    and it looks cool with 2 things.
    Well done.

  4. Wow, Room 16
    I voted for Cam his design is awesome!
    Good job room 16 keep it up.

  5. I voted for Cameron because his drawing is pretty cool.
    I like his idea of the 3D star thing in the middle of the, what do you call it?
    Great post Mr M, keep up the awesome posts! :)

  6. Wow Everyone!
    You have done so well in the mathletics competition.
    I can't believe that you actually made it in.
    Bad luck I didn't but it doesn't really matter at least I had a go.
    But I know one of you 5 will win for room 16.
    Great work.
    All of them are measured accurately and are going to win!
    Great photos of you mathletics.
    Fantastic post Mr M!
    Well done:)

  7. Well done to all the kids especially Elijah who gets my vote!! love from Grandma

  8. Tyrone gets my vote :-D

  9. I vote for Cameron, I like the way he has off-set the stripes on the outside of his star.

  10. Well done Elijah, most impressed.
    Nana & Grandad.

  11. Good job everyone. My vote goes to Elijah - I like the white spaces in this design, its unlike any I've seen before.

  12. Great work. How do you do that? I like Elijah's dart board style design.

  13. Wow. These are amazing. Well done everyone.
    I vote Elijah. It looks like it is moving.

  14. Well done everyone..great work! I vote for really enjoyed this task and it looks great!!

  15. well done kids my vote goes to josh

  16. I vote for josh well done everyone

  17. I vote Cameron, great design :)

  18. I vote Cameron, awesome pic Cam xoxo

  19. Hey this is Stacy I am going to vote for Hemini and Cameron.

  20. I vote Cameron. Great pic budding artist and mathematician

  21. I vote for Josh. I know how much time and effort you have put into this poster. Looks great!

  22. I vote for Cameron. Great effort.

  23. I vote for Cameron. Great effort

  24. My vote goes to Elijah