Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Character Day

The Book Characters from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Today is Book Character Day! Check out the great trailer Hannah and Lily made, showcasing the characters in Room 16. We sure like to dress up!


  1. I really enjoyed "The Book Characters" It was creative, exciting and had music that built up the suspense throughout. Well done!

  2. I also had a great day today for book character. And great post Mr M. And the funniest part is Elijah. LOL. That is so funny. Well done.

  3. Awesome trailer girls. What a great way to present such a fun day! Room 16 you had very inventive costumes. I love the Hunger Games Ellis...what a great character.

  4. Bess dressed class by far!!! Am a bit worried about your leader though Room 16! What book was the confused fairy from?

    1. Thank you Mrs Roil.

      The Confused Fairy sounds like a great story!

  5. Wow Mr M!
    The post is great.
    All of the characters look amazing.
    There were lots of thing 1 and thing 2 of mine.
    Because I was cat in the hat.
    Great post:)

  6. Awesome Mr M!
    I loved getting dressed up and being able to see what all the other people came as.
    I liked your Afro and the fairy wings.
    Well done;-)

  7. Cool video Mr M but why didn't you put me as a photo because I was the only assassin!
    So please can you put me in the photo's?:-)
    Brilliant work though.
    Please reply and well done.

    1. I thought your costume was awesome, Marcus. These were the four photos that matched my layout. I look forward to your fantastic book character blogpost!

  8. That's a cool post Mr M!
    The video that Hannah made is pretty impressive,
    everyone did a great job on making their book character.
    They must have had to buy stuff to make the costume,
    keep up the awesome posts Mr M. :)

  9. Awesome Mr M
    I love this post every one looked amazing yesterday.
    Well for Marcus for winning it too.
    Awesome work.

  10. Fantastic Book Character dressing up Room 16!!Great participating and contributing to a school event! Lots of great costumes and different books represented. I really loved the trailer Hannah and Lily. Great work girls!

  11. There were some amazing book characters. Elijah's was funny but kinda scary when we were in assembly.

  12. Wow Mr M! You have done a fantastic post.
    I enjoyed watching that trailer Hannah and Lily keep up the great work!

  13. Nice Post Mr Moriarty!
    I really enjoyed watching that trailer too!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  14. I like how the people in the movie were smiling.

  15. Wow room 16 ,
    I like your costume Mr.M It looked amazing on you.
    I also liked the part when the book flipped at the end.
    Well Done!!

  16. I love your costume Ellis, Ben and Cameron!
    Grandma Mcgarvey looked weard with the mask on.

  17. Great blog post Mr M, Elijah was so funny.
    Keep up the good work. :-)

  18. Awesome room 16,
    I liked Cat in the Hat and thing one and thing two.
    I like the video, it is amazing.
    I dressed up as a beautiful fairy on book charter.

  19. I liked the book characters in the video and I liked all the colorful colors!

  20. Wow Mr M!
    The book characters look great.
    I like the book characters, especially Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Cameron Ben)
    I like the desprective words that you put in the video
    I also like the way you have put funny photos in it:)

  21. Elijah is doing well in the photo and video.
    I like how the cat in the hat is matched with thing one and Thing two.
    Well done, Great post:)

  22. I think it was really funny and cool because all of the characters
    were cool especially the first one :-)

  23. Awesome costumes room 16,
    I really liked grandma Garvey.
    I was a Ninja Turtle
    From George

    1. I didn't see you, were you really a ninja turtle?

  24. Book character day was fun! It was a very colorful assembly, everyone had great costumes and lots of people had cool make up/face paint.

  25. I like the book character thay are so cool I most liked Thing 1 and Thing 2