Monday, July 1, 2013

Room 16, A Ship of Friends

Earlier in the term, Room 16 created topic art based on friendship. Some students found excellent friendship quotes through  research, some created their own quote or used a quote from their reading. The art lesson was inspired by this site and is based on the artwork Over and Above, by Clarence Carter

I finally got around to finishing this video about the artwork. I am proud of it because I have learnt and practised some new techniques using the iMovie app on our iPad, including creating my own music on GarageBand. I was lucky to be in a lesson by the fantastic music teacher, Ieremia at Richmond School. Afterwards, I tried the techniques he taught us, until it sounded okay.

The students' artworks look fantastic on the wall together. I love the idea of us all learning to be friends together as a class, celebrating our differences and helping each other grow as individuals. When things go wrong, the artwork on the wall reminds us how we can fix it and get it right.


  1. This is such an awesome post Mr M.
    I love how you have done a piece of art in its own time and said what the quotes were all about.

    Thanks for making this art with us it was loads of fun.

  2. Wow Mr M!
    That post was amazing.
    All the arts look really artistic.
    The video is awesome.
    The photo of Teva is funny!
    The colors are so cool.
    Well done, Great post:-)

  3. What an inspirational video! I thought the music complimented the friendship quotes perfectly. Friendship is an incredibly important aspect of PRIDE. Tino pai Room 16

  4. Mr Moriarty, you have out done yourself, what an inspirational video and the music was perfect as it didn't overshadow the wonderful messages you were presenting. Great to see that you are on the learning journey with us all.
    Well done

  5. hi room 16
    love the video it looks amazing
    what is your tip for making friends?

    from faith hamilton east school

    1. Know the differences in each other and see what you have in common if you don't have things in common just try make a new one so you can get along.
      That's how I have all my awesome friends.
      Hope you can make more friends from this, good luck and have fun;)

      From Crighton.

    2. My tip is to be friends with some one who you truly want to be friends with, like them for who they are not for their money or the things they have.

    3. Thanks Faith!
      I think that the tip to making friends is be nice to them and if they be nice to you back, they are a nice friend.

    4. Thanks Faith,
      That's a nice comment.
      They were so fun to do for art.

    5. hi room 16 faith here thanks for the tip they worked to make friends now i have LOTS of friends.



  6. Dear Mr Moriarty & Room 16,
    I always love a good art project and that is really special. I love the use of bold colour and the painted rather than printed message - well done to all of you. Super work, and beautifully put together in your video.
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View, UK

  7. Dear Mr Moriarty & Room 16,
    I always love a good art project but that work is really special! I love the combination of bold colour and painted message, it is a really effective way to get your message across and makes a stunning wall display. Well done to you ll, I loved your video and the obvious sense of pride in what you do.

  8. Room 16 i really love your artwork. Those big and bold paintings must really brighten your room. I am really impressed with you Mr M, creating your own music on Garageband! Well done it is a perfect piece for this video. Room 16 you certainly look like you are enjoying learning to be friends together, celebrating your differences and you have a great reminder of all this on wall to remind you as the year goes on.

  9. Fabulous Artwork Room 16. Lots of fantastic friendship quotes. Mr Moriarty, I loved your music - when can I have the Garageband lesson?

  10. This is a great video about our art that we did Mr. M! Your 2nd paragraph is such an inspiring peace of writing.

  11. I love the video Mr M!
    Doing that art was so fun!
    I would like to have a go on GarageBand.
    Well done:-)

  12. Cool post Mr M!!
    Your music was great,
    all of the artwork was awesome!
    room 16 did a really good job on the friendship quotes.
    Keep up the good work Mr M.

  13. Thanks for all your wonderful comments.

    When I was at Richmond School on our ICT learning and sharing day, Ieremia taught us short cuts to creating tunes to use for your videos on GarageBand. I have him and Whaea Kim to thank!

  14. Hi Room 16
    That's a wonderful video.
    How may people in your class that has made a wonderful a nice friend?.
    That's a fabulous artwork.
    See you some time.When we come back from the holidays.
    Or even next week if i'm a blogger or a commenter.
    Hope you have a wonderful day today.
    From shardonaeh hamilton east school

  15. Cool video Mr M, the music was amazing!
    I think the class is very happy.
    Well done. :-)

  16. I like the music.
    I also like the art.
    The photo up the top is awesome;)