Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Alaskan Adventure

Mr Simon Evans taught the class the other day, while I was learning and sharing with enthusiastic teachers and the "rich kids" in our ICT group at Richmond School. He guided them through the fantastic shared writing activity which produced this story. As he messaged me on the day "Collaborative writing in real time. You should hear the discussion as they type." I have put it together into an e-book using the students' illustrations. Please read Room 16's adventure story!

Here are Simon's rules of participation:

  • Stay in your own chapter area
  • Work together with your group
  • Make constructive comment when you need to
  • Check the language you use
  • Leave the SHARE option alone


  1. That story turned out great.
    Can't believe it made it onto the blog.
    Now the whole world can see the awesome digital art and story writing we have made.

  2. Cool Mr M!!
    Great Idea on Putting it on the Tree of pride,
    everyone had cool drawings!
    Each chapter sounded interesting.
    Keep up the awesome work Mr M!

    1. I really liked the drawing as well! We all did great art work. What was your fave illustration Tyrone?

  3. I loved writing that story!
    I think that the whole class enjoyed it.
    Thank-you Mr Evans for giving us the really awesome idea to make this book.
    All the illustrations look amazing.
    Well done:-)

  4. You guys worked hard on this project. I loved working with you on this. In fact I really enjoy the work you do and love coming in when I can. The idea for this project may have started out as being mine. But you all took it and made it your own. Well done to you all on an awesome project. The artwork rocks btw! :-)