Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Perfect Pancakes

On the second day of camp the children cooked all their meals. Each meal was part of the Master Chef competition. We had a Master Chef competition for the groups throughout the day. There were even special judges from Italy and the USA. Watch the video below to see some highlights from the brunch part of the competition. Although it is simply titled "Good Pancakes", these pancakes were in fact perfect!

The extra music in the video was created on GarageBand by a teacher (me) playing with the app and by a student (Samuel) using his guitar skills with the app.


  1. Awesome Mr.M.
    I think that all the pancakes look very yummy!
    I love the video!
    Well done to all the groups and Mr.M:-)

  2. Wow Mr M!

    You made a fantastic blog post here on the pancakes, plus an awesome video!

  3. Awesome pancakes the rest of room 16 I really like doing master chef on camp it was awesome thank you for taking me to camp Mr M

  4. Thanks Mr M for the competition it was quite a challenging.
    But it was all worth it because after we cook we got to eat our
    yummy creations "mmmm,".
    Well done to all the groups.
    You all worked awesome together.

  5. Awesome Room 16,
    It looks like every one made awesome pancakes.
    It is cool that you have made a video about master chef Mr M.
    I loved doing master chef because I love cooking.

  6. Great work Mr. M on making the video, I watched it at home & it made me hungry for pancakes! Congratulations to the V8 Jelly Beans on coming in 1st in breakfast!

  7. Great video Mr M. Well I feel really jealous because of the judges eating those pan cakes.

  8. Great Mr M.
    That was good fun wasn't it?
    That video makes me so hungry.
    All of the pancakes look very yummy. (Evan if it's not pancakes.)
    Master Chef was so fun, I hope you put more posts on Master Chef.

  9. Wow! That looked like a lot of pressure for the judges. The quality was awesome! I must say I thought one of the judges looked like a sushi judge with his head band.

  10. Hi Mr M. and Room 16 - thanks for letting me be part of your Camp Kaitawa experience - it was a privilege.
    I have a heap of great memories of awesome kids doing great things.

    1. Thank you, Gecko.

      You were a wonderful help on camp and really helped make our camp successful!


    2. It's funny how your e-mail is Gecko. And in the animal game your animal was gecko! It took me about 5 seconds to remember that you were Bree's mum.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your Masterchef experience with us Room 16. The Italiano judge critques my cooking all the time hehe. Thanks Mr M for giving my daughter, my husband and room 16 such an amazing experience.

  12. I loved seeing the Masterchef video Mr M. Thanks for posting it. What a great competition to have on camp! The masterchef tv series is popular in our house. It would have been very tricky judging those pancakes. They all looked so delicious!! Great work Judges! Well done room 16 on such a successful and action packed camp! Thank you so much Mr M for giving the children a wonderful experience.

  13. I loved making the pancakes. Especially EATING them. The video is amazing Mr. M, I can't really hear the talking but it was still a great idea to video the brunch part of MasterChef.

  14. Hi room 16

    I love your video i wish i was there at your camp.
    where was your camp?
    hope to hear from you soon!!!!
    from faith hamilton east school.

  15. Wow! That is so yummy.I wish I get to try one because my tummy is rumbling , Which one was the yummy pancakes? Did the class get to taste some? If I ate all of that pancakes my tummy would be full like a pig.

    From :Jeszmuel http://room12hes.blogspot.co.nz/