Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Pacific Trash Vortex

Image from Oprah.com
Our new topic is about the environment. Our learning intention is WALT: initiate change. Look up initiate online on our writing Symbaloo.

Have a look at these videos. What do you think? We will use them to inspire our awesome writing.



  1. This is very interesting but sad that we waste all of that rubbish everyday 24/7. How long will we have this topic for? Also are we going to learn how much rubbish NZ and other countries waste a year or day maybe even month or week?
    This sounds like a very interesting topic to be learning.

    1. We will be learning in this topic throughout the term, Felicity.

      We are going to try and do something that makes a change for good.

  2. I wish I could save those poor little animals. Don't you guys?

  3. That is very sad.
    I feel bad for all those animals.
    Floss I agree with you we should try and make a change don,t you?

  4. Poor animals!
    How could we do that.
    I feel so bad for all those animals that died because of that rubbish.
    Hopefully one day they will remove that rubbish from the ocean.

    1. I know Natasha.

      If they remove the rubbish, where could they put it?