Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Last week we wrote Autumn poems. We were inspired by this poem about the sea by Laura:
Felicity reciting The Sea!
The Sea

The mist smudges out
Kapiti Island

The hills curve and rise
like loaves of bread

The sun sprinkles glitter
on the sea

The wind is writing
what it knows
in lines along the water

Laura Ranger
7 years

We self assessed and published our poems as leaves. Natasha, Felicity and Casey created a literal Tree of PRIDE to put poem leaves on. 

As poetry is meant to be read aloud, the students have also been recording their poems for their blog posts. Here are the links (these will be updated):


  1. Awesome job guys i love it
    And Mr m i like the new Background

    1. Thanks Eden,

      I am proud of getting our jungle mural up as our title background!

  2. Cool Mr.M, this is lovely and I reckon that we have done heaps in the amount of days. Will we start filming outside like room 19 did?

  3. Wow cool Mr.M
    It looks awesome.
    I like are PRIDE tree too.

  4. Amazing Mr M I love the tree!

  5. Awesome Mr M,
    I love how you have taken pictures of all the little like the owl and also the one with some leaves as well as the owl and the lizard.
    I really hope we win $10,000.
    Good luck to all.

  6. The class looks cool Mr M I like The birds flying around.

  7. That is so cool
    Felicity your voice is clear.

  8. The tree stands out in our class room with all our lovely work on it but the leaves are autumn colours and it does not feel like autumn it feels like winter.

  9. The tree stands out in our class room and all the work looks really nice.