Thursday, May 24, 2012

Line Tag

Line tag is one of the quick games we play at fitness time. I like it because it develops strategy and teamwork, as well as being loads of fun!


  1. Cool Mr m I love that video.
    Im even In I really do run funny.
    From Brody.

  2. This is a really funny video Mr.M, I like how you speed Casey up, it looks really cool.

  3. Hi, Mr moriarty.

    Cool special effects you have there.

    Thanks for posting it up too, bye!

  4. Cool Mr M I love the affects they look so cool.
    I think it is cool because you made a normal daily thing into fun video.

  5. I love your video that you put together Mr.m.
    Its a really funny video and the effects are really cool.

  6. That is such a cool post Mr M!

    I really like playing this game for fitness.
    I like how you speed me up it looked like I was super duper fast!

  7. that's an awesome game. I wish I could get better at it.