Thursday, May 31, 2012

Emotive Language

WALT: Persuade

Part of persuading is appealing to the reader's / listener's / viewer's feelings. Here are some of the emotive words Room 20 are using to persuade the reader in our topic writing. We are trying to initiate a change in the ways we deal with rubbish.

What is your favourite emotive word on the whiteboard?
Can you think of any other emotive words to do with our topic?

Links to students' writing on this topic:


  1. Cool Mr.M, this is a cool post.
    These are great words that we came up with.

    1. My favourite word was disgraceful, the word that I chose.

  2. Cool Mr.M!
    I think we have most of the words.
    My favourite word has to be astonished.

  3. We have awesome words.

    My favourite word would have to be litter bugs.
    I can't think of any others.

  4. My favourite word is unbearable.
    I like that you did a blog post you are a great photo taker!

  5. What some awesome words room 20,
    My favourite word is disturbed because I chose that one.
    Awesome post Mr.M