Friday, May 18, 2012


IWB Brainstorm by Casey

Here are some of Room 20's favourite sentences from their BLOB writing!

Run! Josh is in, got you Katrina, lets get Brody! Got him. No you don’t. Watch out Teva. Oh damn they got me, quick we can get Rhys. Oh I missed him. Ahhh!!! A real blob. Watch out, he’s got a taser and a slime gun. Josh

“Hi I'm Bob the blob, I’ve been through lots of adventures, and at chapter one, you saw the beginning of the end of my journey. Now, lets see the Actual beginning below." Teva

The blob was chasing me. Then in the middle of my mind I thought LADS (life and death situation). Rhys

Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a class of penguins. The class number was 20. Amy

Oh oh! Here we go again I said to myself as the blob came my way. Luckily, it broke in half and gave me lots of room to run through. Jake

Fire the mortar at the miserable thing. Tyler

I like playing blob. It’s fun and sometimes it can be funny but not all the time. Charlotte

I run like I've not run before. Lachlan

As you dodge, step and scream you look back and your classmates are trying to get free. Half of your class are chasing you like a tiger. Parris

“Yay” Blob, my favourite game! Katrina

It’s a brilliant game!” I screamed and my mates said because the Brilliant Gribbles made it up man”. Seth

The time had come, it was me and some friends and we were the ones that hadn't been tagged yet. Hannah

I was a human target. Kharn

What should we do commander? Zeb

Oh no, it’s a matter of life and death, it is coming this way. I miss my mum, please no. Samuel

I did my extraordinary slide. Daniel

Squirm, wiggle the worm tries to escape from the evil Blobinator, but ‘AHHHHHHHH” he got me “help.” Now that I was touched I had the disease, I can not ever in my whole life be able to let go. Felicity

Bombs dropping and guns shooting. Jacob

It was heading for me, I swerved around and ran like the world was breaking behind me, trying to dodge all the people shouting and screaming, but sadly I got the disease and I couldn’t let go of the monster. Natasha

I was running, sidestepping past the Blob. Brody


  1. That is AWESOME Mr.M, this is going to be a great blog post especially with the awesome video that you made. Can we play that game again on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday?

    1. Thanks Felicity,

      it is definitely good for us to do one quick fun fitness game every day.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree, Casey.

      Everybody is writing with real personality and choosing superb words to describe actions.

  3. Wow, there is a lot of awesome sentences in this post.