Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Challenge Tree for Term One

Room 16 have begun their Challenge Tree for the term. These are challenges you can complete at home. Then you share them with the class and me. The completed challenge is to go on your blog with a Challenge Tree label (plus other labels that fit).

Remember you have the rest of the term to complete some of these challenges. It is about quality not quantity. We would rather you did one or two of the challenges to your personal best standard and presented them effectively, than rush through all eight. The challenges match the learning and topics that we are covering in the class. At the moment we are learning about our own cultures and sharing things about us with others.


  1. this challenge tree would really be a challenge but I will do my best:)

  2. I love doing the Challenge Tree.

    From Olivia

  3. We're all gonna do our best!