Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hemani's Venn Diagram with Nick

Our third Student Work of the Week for 2013 was judged by Mrs Hill from Room 5 Kidd-li-winks this week. We got together with our buddy class, then paired up and compared important things about ourselves. We used Google drawing to create venn diagrams to show things which are the same and different.

Mrs H chose Hemani for how well she worked with her Room 5 buddy, Nick. As you can see, their venn diagram is clear and laid out very effectively. It compares and contrasts important things about them.

The whole of Room 16 worked very well with Room 5 and I am very proud of their efforts!


  1. I enjoyed doing the compare and contrast with room 5 it was fun and mostly with my buddy:)

  2. Awesome diagram Hemani and nick I like how you did the thing that do the same.

  3. Wow Hemani and Nick, great Venn Diagram. I like the colours you have used and great photos.

  4. What a great idea and a good way to use Google Drawing.

    I might do that myself.