Thursday, March 21, 2013

Doctor Doctor

Doctor Doctor from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Today our Sports Pals, Olivia, Joshua and Lily taught us a new game for fitness and P.E. It is called Doctor Doctor. They did a wonderful job. Best of all, I could capture some highlights of the game on the iPad while they were doing the teaching!


  1. Awesome Trailer Mr Moriarty!
    I love all of it.
    I think we all had loads of fun.
    Thanks Sport Pals.

  2. Well done Olivia, Joshua and Lily! You are terrific Sports PALs and great leaders for our school. I'm looking forward to meeting with all of the Sports PALs tomorrow to plan amazing sportign opportunities for the rest of the students at Parkvale School.
    Ms Anderson

  3. WOW!!! Mr M awesome trailer of us doing the new game.
    I saw me in the trailer. I didn't get it at first.

  4. I liked The trailer. I saw Cameron in the movie.

  5. That game was so fun
    The part I found challenging was when we had to aim at the person on the other team
    Thank you sport pals for teaching us a new game:)

  6. I love the trailer!

    its awesome Mr M its a fun game

  7. It was so fun learning that game, and then coming back and teaching it to my class room 16. I enjoyed it.

    From Olivia

  8. Room 16 are so proud of you Mr M.Thanks for taping us because when you tape it it turns out to be better, ha ray for Mr M.Well done.

  9. I really liked the game Josh, Olivia and lily.
    The game was fantastic and good program of it as a video Mr Moriarty.Great work!

  10. It was very fun!
    Something I liked about was that when you dodge the balls, it feels like your a movie star dodging bullets.
    Thank you Olivia, Joshua and Lily!

    Scinccerely, Teva Tait.

  11. Top Job Sport Pals, you obviously explained and taught the game well as Room 16 looked like they were having a great time. Wonderful start to your new leadership roles Josh, Lily and Olivia. PS Great film Mr M

  12. That video is awesome.
    I loved the bit where it says three sport pals from different crowds

  13. I cant stop watching this.
    Its so funny and I
    watch it at home
    all the time.

  14. I wanna play that again, it was so fun dodging the balls catching the balls & figuring out who was the doctor.