Monday, March 25, 2013

Literacy Fun

Today the X-Men completed their trailer for the great story Kick-start. You can view it below and will be able to find it on their blogs. It is written by Simon Cooke and is a rugby story with a twist. "Lumbering giants... engaged in battle... over an egg?"

Kick Start from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Meanwhile the Justice League were making connections to their story The Trouble with Shadow by Julia Ballard. We used ShowMe (my favourite app at the moment) to record our connections on the iPad. The class could see it on screen thanks to our Apple TV. You can watch it below and find it on their blogs too.
For example, Nikitah's great postTracey's terrific post.



  1. Awesome groups.
    I love both of them.
    What clear voices.
    Well done:-)

  2. X-Men..we really loved watching your trailer for the story Kickstart! Great acting for a great story.
    Justice-League..that Show Me app looks amazing. I will have to have a go at that. You made great connections to the story. Well done.

  3. Love the trailer! so funny for example Bens pose while standing next to the tree (when he had his arm over his head).

  4. Wow X-Men your trailer is awesome. With all the great actions and that video is funny to:-)

  5. Every time I watch this trailer I crack up.

  6. I wonder when it's gonna be the Avengers turn to do the trailer. (The reading group Avengers in room 16 not the actual Avengers).

  7. I enjoyed watching your trailer :) Great job!
    I also liked the way you made connections to self,text, etc. Referring back to the book is a great way to support your connections, ideas, opinions, etc. Once again, Great work!
    Mrs. Behm

  8. The X-Men video will never get old to me.