Monday, October 1, 2012

Number Patterns

Can you what is happening in this pattern? What is happening with the blue blocks? What is happening with the yellow blocks?

If the pattern continues, how many blue and yellow blocks would be in the next (fourth) pattern?


  1. You add 2 blue each time!
    You add 2 more to what you added in the pattern before for the yellow blocks!

    In pattern 4 their would be 9 blue and 16 blue:)

  2. That was Really fun Mr Moriarty. I like doing number patterns. For me it was a challenges but that made it even more fun for me.

  3. I meant 16 yellow and 9 blue:)
    I had a bit of a typo!


  4. I think the answer is 16 yellow and 9 blue.
    You add 2 blue each time and then you add the yellow to complete the square.