Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yachting 2014 Part 2

Cameron is in control!
The most exciting thing about optimist yachting was capsizing because you would get really wet. Kayla
Me and Julius went together for the first round we were going good until…. He started screaming and I got a massive fright which caused us to capsize. Mary
Something I was pleased with was that last year I didn't like going yachting that much and this year I went yachting more. Crystal
Something that made me think was which way I should go, in optimist yachting, to catch the wind. Elijah

On Tuesday we went kayaking and we had a race and Traylan and I won the race. George
Today there was a little bit of wind, I went with 3 people and then I went by myself and when you go by yourself you go faster than going with 3 people. Jack
Dear diary. I got hit by the boom really bad because I was bringing a yacht in and the boom swung and hit my head! Jacob
It was so fun - 100% James
The best yachting buddy that I had in yachting was Jack. Traylan
Something I was pleased with was being able to go on a yacht for the first time because I thought I didn't have the courage to. Maia
Me and Jack just about capsized today and it was not funny. Liam
Ok let me get right to the point, the best one was yachting because it was my first time on one and I had been kayaking before. Rosemary
It was so sad because today was our last day of optimist yachting. But the best bit is that I get to do it next year. Kyra
I really enjoyed learning how to yacht because it is very fun & hard. Zach


  1. So great shots Mr M.
    I could be a bit better.
    Well done.

  2. What a great day... such a great experience! Glad the photos turned out well... Maias mum :)