Sunday, September 21, 2014

Improving Our Calendar Art

Our calendar art is looking great and you can see individual examples on our student blogs. Our art was based on painting a background in thirds using water colours and placing a native bird which we created with pastels in front of our background.

Ezra's mum, Adelle, is an art teacher and she offered to come in and teach us some fantastic tips to make them more effective. The main focus was on thinking about the composition of our artwork. These pictures show the process. 

Learning points

Hen in front of Starry Night by Van Gogh

Ezra adding some edits to his art

Hen in front of sea scene with cloud

Jacob with a larger kea

Changing the composition

Traylan working on his background

Tracey and Adelle focus in on the art

Coming soon: Slideshow post featuring all our calendar art!


  1. Art is always a process. It is kind of like the re-crafting of writing. The improvements of your dalendar art is fantastic. Well done Room 21.

  2. That's Cool Everyone Has Emproved,
    Ka Pai Everybody!!