Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Friend...

A Friend from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

This week's poem is our first for a long time. It has a strong message. We are so lucky when we have friends.

A Friend...
A friend is someone who borrows your ball
And returns it to you later in the day;
Who will lend their newest pens - and will play
Your games. Who’ll come around to your house
  and call
For you in rain as well as when it’s fine;
Who’ll listen to your secrets, share your fears,
lend a shoulder when your eyes are full of tears
And won’t divide things into ‘yours’ and ‘mine’.
A friend will peel the plaster gently off your cut
And a friend won’t say ‘Yuk!’. A friend laughs at your jokes
When others just go ‘Eh?’; who likes you but
Will tell you when you’re wrong; who strokes
Your favourite pet in spite of all the fleas -
Who knows your family but, when invited, says
  ‘Yes, please!’

Trevor Millum


  1. Gorgeous Room 6 (now 21). You have used your skills from production performing the poem. Awesome message. Friends rock!

  2. That is awesome That was fun :-)

  3. I see me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome poem Mr M wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome keep it up Mr M

  4. Awesome I love how you put
    everyone into it so we get equal share.
    I like the last part and how the whole class said
    " YES PLEASE " That was my fave rate.

  5. IT is Great that we have friend.

  6. That is awesome That was fun :-)

  7. I love the post Mr M it is so cool and what an awesome poem Mr M WOW.

  8. I really like that poem thats whats a friend all about.

  9. What a pleasure to watch and such a lovely message. You are a beautiful class, Room 6!

  10. I love how you brought the poem to life Room 21. I have been enjoying browsing through your blog - you are all very clever. Well done on being part of an amazing production.