Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Key Words: Moments in the Holidays

Mr Moriarty: baby, son, Leo
Ben: Coromandel, Waitomo Caves, Hahei
Marcus: Wii, iPad, Clifton
Zeb: bleeding, teeth, three weeks
Teva: Samsung, tablet, Thursday
Joshua: Hamilton, crashes, drifts
Henry: Taupo, splashes, one-ski
Liam: Mahia, climbing, Grandparents
Ellis: Sweden, cousin, happy
Inderpreet: phone, cousin, Auckland
Shivom: medicine, tummy, school
Ollie: Mangakino, fishing, Subway
Hemani: Sky Tower, travelling, 2 o'clock in the morning
Hannah: jumped, waterfall, exciting
Bree: Christmas, sick, annoyed
Tracey: Porangahau, steep hill, motorbikes
Olivia: Havelock Pools, guinea pigs, movie
Emma: wheelchair, Auckland, plane
Zach: dairy, bike, bought
Tyrone: cousins, outside, came over
Nakita:  hospital, baby, dog park
Nikitah: windy, climbing, holiday
Lily: died, dog, holiday
Dylan: sister, 24 years old, played
Crighton: Rainbow's End, Auckland, Fearfall
Elijah: cousin, Auckland, holiday
Jessica: shopping, Wellington, Te Papa

Cameronwedding, ring~bearers, ushers
Imaan: major surgery, baby

We are learning to summarise using key words. They are often nouns. Here is a video with students from Room 16 acting out the key words of one of the group members. Can you guess their key words? Enjoy!

Key Words from the Holidays from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.
Music: Where I'm From by the Digable Planets


  1. Cool video Mr.M.
    Acting out all the stories were so fun!
    Well done:-)

  2. That was so funny watching the class act out there key words in the holidays. I liked the clip wen Ben was the winner in the Star Wars battle.

  3. Awesome Video Mr M, It Rocks.
    The whole class looks fantastic, every body did a great job at acting it out.
    Well done Mr M and class.

  4. Awesome video Mr M I like when Ben wins the battle.

  5. That video was awesome my favourite video is zac and ollie pedalling to the dairy to get a
    cookie time.

  6. It was funny to watch every body in the class anteing good job every one.

  7. Mr Moriarty we don't have any internet at home but I watched that video it at school. It was a laughter watching the slow motions and fast. Its amazing how you actually make that video its fantastic.

  8. That last one so funny.:-)

  9. 1st one so cool in slow motion. Spectacular how you made the video. Fast or slow it was funny the way we acted our scenes out from our holiday

  10. Ben was funny in slow motion when he won the ster wars battle

  11. yeah that was the fun part for me

  12. I meant star wars battle.