Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 1 Reflections

We liked...

  • installing Google Chrome
  • getting our own Google account
  • creating with Comic Life
  • Gmail
  • learning everyone's names
  • how everyone was kind to each other
  • emailing each other
  • sharing and helping
  • helping people
  • finding out the most valuable name in the class
  • having the most valuable name
  • the book we read (Eric by Shaun Tan)


  1. Awosom vido I loved it.

  2. Cool Mr.M.
    I love all the photos.
    I have really enjoyed the first few days of the term.
    Well done:-)

  3. Wow Room 16! Its great seeing the photos of everything you have been up to!!Looks like a great start to 2013! from Mrs Potts

  4. Great slideshow of photos Room 16.
    It shows everybody likes working on there Netbooks.
    Great Photos.