Friday, September 20, 2013

Gandhi Parts 1 and 2

Gandhi Part 1 Room 16 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Please watch our Gandhi movie. It tells the story of two great men and the birth of a nation. The movie was directed by Hannah and Tracey and stars Teva, Sam, Hannah, Ben, Lily, Jessica, Crighton, Dylan and Room 16 as the crowd. It is also screening at the Parkvale Arts exhibition which features our henna hands and Taj Mahal art.

Gandhi Part 2 Room 16 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Speaking of the arts exhibition, today I felt privileged to see our hall filled with the sparkling art of our 21 classes, based on many cultures around the globe. It looks amazing.

Here is a great quote from Mr Gifkins which sums it up: "I am blown away by my visit to the school hall. The exhibition is BRILLIANT! AMAZING! FANTASTIC! AWESOME! and UNBELIEVABLE. I am very proud to walk into the hall and look around at the exceptional quality of work achieved by our pupils under the amazing teaching and guidance of you all. You are simply superb!! The hall is exploding with PRIDE."


  1. Great movie guys. It was enjoyed by many at the exhibition. I agree with Mr Gifkins the hall looks incredible.
    Mrs H

  2. Wow Mr M!
    This video is incredible.
    All this looks like a great effort to the directors.
    I like how you have used my sits to make the background look like this is taking place in India.
    Well done, great post:)

  3. Awesome room 16.
    The trailers look amazing.
    I like all the acting.
    Well done:-)

  4. Great movie Mr. Moriarty. It looks like Mr. Giffkins really liked the arts exhibition. Everyone did great acting, and all the voices were clear. Awesome work room 16.

  5. Awesome room 16
    love the amazing action
    keep it up.

  6. Epic Movie room 16 I love the part where Teva used that funny voice.
    Well Done Room 16!

  7. Wow what awesome videos Mr Moriarty they sound so real with Teva's sound effects.
    Great movies.

  8. Awesome movie you guys!
    I like how you acted and did not mess up the words,
    keep up the incredible work!

  9. Wow, wonderful movies. You presented well researched information in an interesting and motivating manner that kept the learner fully focused. Great expression and clarity in your message. This is a great example of "learn, create, share". Well done to you all

  10. I love these movies. I am sure all of you involved with never forget this really important story. Have just shared this page with the world on Twitter (again) and am using the videos as an example of captivating student story telling on a Ministry of Education website. Wicked work.