Monday, April 15, 2013

Action Verbs

Zeb leaps Justice's spinning rope!

Today we started to work with our year two buddy class, Room 5 Kidd-Li-Winks on creating our own angry verbs (idea from our pen pal class Room 121 in the USA). This blog post has the first stage in the process.

Firstly, we read a quick book about verbs. Then using a variety of P.E. gear, we acted out sporting actions with our buddies. As it was happening, we discussed present, past and future tenses for our verbs. We also came up with many more verbs bacause of all the unplanned actions which were involved.

Here is our Padlet showing some of our verbs.

Photo Set:

What verbs can you see in the photos? Tell us in the comments section!


  1. Wow Mr M!
    I can see lots of verbs in the Flickr.
    Jump jumped jumping,Pounce pounced pouncing,Skip skipped skipping,Soar soared soaring,Hula hoop hula hooped hula hooping,Run ran running and lots more!

  2. Thanks for doing that activaty with use it tought me some more verbs to use in my writing:)

  3. Wow in That first photo Zeb looks like he's flying.

  4. Wow Mr Moriarty.
    That was so fun out with our buddy class.
    I love the pictures because they are right in the action.
    Well done:-)

  5. WOW! Mr M

    Beau can tackle me! I was going easy though but he still did a great job!

  6. Cool work Mr M
    Tayla and I tried really heard to do the skipping but the resat was so easy.

  7. Angry-Verbs was so fun. & I want to do it again. when i'm not sick!