Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Decimals on a Number Line

Look at how Tash, Flossie, Jake and Sami answered this problem. Their answers are different. Are they right. Why?

Also, check out the problem solving and thinking on these posts by Bianca and Natasha.


  1. They are right because you can place the 1 anywhere on the number line and then put 5 more in another position.

    I really enjoyed this maths lesson learnt something and that decimals on a number line are fun.

    1. Well explained Flossie,

      You did this well and are learning lots in maths!

  2. Nice job Mr M, Tash, Flossie, Sami and Jake,
    It really looks like you really well how to put numbers on a number line as well as decimals on a number line. Well done!!! Nice post Mr Moriarty.

    1. Thanks Hannah,

      What numbers did you put on your number line?

  3. Awesome Flossie, Tash, Sami and Jake.
    You guys are really good decimals and thanks to mr.m for giving us the problem.
    You guys done really well.
    Why did you right those answers?

  4. Cool, Natasha, Felicity, Sami, And Jake.

    I'm jealous that I didn't get to do one, But I think you did better.

    Sincerely, Teva Tait

  5. Great Flossie, Tash, Sami and Jake. It was sad that I couldn't make it to that lesson.
    What was hard about ordering decimal on a number line?

  6. I think its right because the 1 can be put anywhere then all you have to do is spit the line into 10s.
    I like doing this number line it was fun!

  7. Wow you guys are very smart.
    And yes they are right because you can't put one point one because you haven't made a hole yet.

  8. This is a awesome post it shows your working and how you did it!
    I great t show the class and parents your working by doing this they can see what your doing in maths!