Monday, August 19, 2013

The Dead Harry Trailers

Room 16 finished reading Dead Harry by Ken Catran last week. We really enjoyed the story. It made us laugh and also gave us a little scare now and then. As the mystery unfolded, we liked predicting what might happen next.

Most of the class wanted to create trailers so we borrowed a few iPads and gave it go. Watch them below (if you dare!). Which trailer do you think is the best and why? How do they advertise the book and make you want to read it?

Remember to vote for your favourite trailer in the poll. (Poll closed - thank you. Trailer B won a very close vote.)

Trailer A: Joshua, Shivom, Jessica, Inderpreet and Ellis.

Trailer B: Hannah, Lily, Teva and Zeb. Guest starring Liam as Mr Dombroski and Ellis as the unknown criminal.

Trailer C:  Tyrone, Nikitah J, Emma and Crighton. Guest starring Zach as Mr Rudd.

Trailer D: Tracey, Cameron, Dylan and Olivia.

Trailer E: Samuel, Zach, Bree and Hemani. Guest starring Joshua as the unknown criminal, Lily as Primula, Ben as Mr Rudd and Teva as the spooky Elias Milton.

Trailer FMarcus's trailer using GoAnimate. Technical assistance by Teva.

Update: Student letters to Ken Catran (click on the links):


  1. All the trailers are awesome.
    I love all the different ideas in them.
    My favourite trailer apart from B because I am in it is group A's because of the great acting in it like how Jessica walks through Josh the ghost.
    Well done A group.
    Great post Mr.M!

  2. Wow Mr M!
    This post is great.
    All the Dead Harry trailers.
    My favorite one is Marcus's.
    Why? Because his one is created so nicely and effectively.
    I voted on his trailer.
    I know that Ellis and his groups trailer is ahed but everyone else did very well too.
    Dead Harry is a really interesting book.
    Great post, Well done.
    The tree of pride is flowing with amazing posts:)

  3. Great post Mr M!
    Everyone did great trailers and had a freaky ending,
    Josh's team is winning at the moment.
    Keep up the awesome posts Mr M.

  4. Wow I really like all of the trailers
    they are so awesome
    Keep it up you guys!!!!
    my favorite trailer is trailer B
    because they put a lot of effort in it:)

  5. I loved marcus's because he used something else, and he also let me help!
    Great job marcus!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

    1. thanks Teva, I liked yours as well. :-)

  6. Awesome post Mr. M, my favourite trailer (other than trailer a 'cause I'm in it) is trailer E. But all the trailers were great. And well done Marcus, you did a trailer so differently and all on your own but it's still coming second in the votes! Great work Mr. M.

  7. I have just watched all the Movies, and they all had the WOW! factor. Loved all the facial expressions, especially Tevas (really scary). Each movie captivated my interest and I am now very keen to read the book. Well done to you all!

  8. Absolutely awesome guys, we think you are all clever. Our class is very keen to read Dead Harry now.

  9. Fantastic trailers Room 16 ! All so different and creative!! I wondered why i saw Samuel lying in front of a car last Friday!! We loved all the expressions and acting. I really want to read the book now! Can i borrow on Mr M??

  10. Great post Mr M, apart from my one, I like trailer B
    Well done everyone.

  11. WOW that was really cool.
    Did you have fun doing it?

  12. Wow everyone can see that they have put all there effort into this.
    My fav is Trailer A.

  13. Great work room 16!
    Those trailers would of been fun to make.
    I enjoyed trailer E the most.
    Keep up the great work!

  14. Wow room 16 I love trailer A the most, but every Trailer was really good!

  15. These videos are great! Tracey did an awesome job she should be an actor! everyone else did an awesome job too. I can't wait to read the story.

  16. I love Trailer F because it is all animated.

  17. Kia ora Room 16. These trailors are awesome and I loved watching all of them! I teach student teachers at the University of Canterbury and we watched some of the trailors in our lecture last Friday. My students thought they were really entertaining and that they showed just how well you know the plot of Dead Harry. I am hoping that they are going to come back to the site to vote and let you know their comments!
    Well done!